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French Chicory Cold Brew


Flavor Notes

Toasty | Nutty | Rich


When developing our French Chicory Cold Brew, we were inspired by New Orleans - style iced coffee. New Orleans - style is usually sweet, creamy, and has a nuttiness thanks to the roasted chicory that is mixed in. There is something so refreshing about this drink and we wanted to bring you our version which is best, not over ice, but when cold brewed.

Our French Chicory Cold Brew comes exclusively as a coarse ground coffee and is mixed with roasted chicory for you to brew. Once cold brewed, the coffee takes on a viscosity and thickness we haven't experienced before. We suggest you pair it with cream and simple syrup - chef's kiss.

How to Brew

There are a couple brewers that make a perfect batch of cold brew

For brewing tips, learn more here!

French Chicory Cold Brew