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Sourcing Initiative

Shade grown coffee with a responsibly sourced stamp overlay

When we source, we have two concerns in mind - Is this coffee great and is it coming from a sustainable or fair wage farm? Sourcing responsibly is important. Because coffee can vary in quality and price, we find great product across a variety of price points. This multi-tiered strategy allows us to support more stakeholders within our supply chain.

We focus on paying growers fair wages, increasing gender parity, and limiting our carbon footprint. Whether it's with our direct farm-level relationships or our trusted trading associates, we know that the best coffee comes from well-supported partners. Paying grower's wages that result in dignified living is critical. Paying premiums that support community and farm investment is critical. We work hard to make sure our green coffee buying creates an opportunity for our farmers.

We also know that great coffee is grown by both men and women. We support female operated and owned farms because women are often overlooked as entrepreneurs in coffee communities. As we partner with, invest in, and sell the coffees of these underrepresented growers, we all win. 

Shade grown coffee from guatemala

As for our carbon footprint, we feel a deep responsibility to pay homage to the coffee plant by reducing our carbon emissions, plastic usage, and waste. It is our mission to be a leader in environmental responsibility both in our community and areas from which we source.

Lastly, finding a great coffee is rewarding. We cup all our coffees to ensure a great tasting beverage. We are finicky about our product because we want to inspire appreciation. However, we are only able to do that by focusing on quality. And once we select a coffee, we roast it in a vintage Probat roaster from 1954. Every batch of coffee is crafted by hand and tested to ensure our high standards are met.

We have more to accomplish, but we are proud of our progress and inspired to do better each day.

By sharing with you what we learn, what we do, and why we do it, we create a stronger coffee culture - one that is discerning and informed, and makes a positive impact in the lives of all who have participated.

Uganda Nyakishenyi natural coffee beans roasted and brewed in a fellow stagg double wall glass