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Organic Iyerpadi Estate


Organic & Kosher  


Type: Black

Grade: OP

Origin: India

Flavor Notes

Woody | Sweet | Smooth

Grower's Story

Iyerpadi Organic teas are products of a fragile environment. At an elevation of 4007 feet above mean sea level, Iyerpadi Estate is situated amid the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. This robust ecosystem of natural forests and rich flora and fauna include a wide variety of medicinal herbs and orchids endemic to the Western Ghats, along with elephants, bison, panthers, porcupines, wild boar, a variety of reptiles and birds.

Today, tea bushes dating back to 1913 hold their own amid new generations of clonal plants, contributing to the unique flavor and quality of Iyerpadi tea. At every step of this tea’s production, science works in harmony with nature.


Measure: 1 gram per 2 oz water
Temp: Boil (212 F)
Time: 4-5 minutes

Shorter extraction time will give you more of a light/floral extraction with less body and color in the cup. A longer extraction time will yield a slightly heavier cup with more woody/spicy character, and overall increased complexity.

Organic Iyerpadi Estate