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Colombia Antioquia



Flavor Notes


Grower's Story

Antioquia is located in the northwestern part of Colombia on the slopes of the central and west Andes mountain ranges. This area is known by the ecosystems which are characterized by its crystalline waters, hills, valleys and for the production of high quality coffees.

Antioquia borders with Córdoba, Chocó, Bolívar, Santander and Boyacá departments and the Caribbean sea in a narrow section at the northwestern part of the department.

This strategic location brings complex micro-climates that are responsible for the great quality of the coffees of this region, along witha very careful and manual wet milling process of the farmers from the region.

People from this region are known for their entrepreneurial and innovative vision which is reflected in the level of development of the coffee culture of the region.

This specific lot was developed with coffees from municipalities located at the central-south part of the department such as Montebello, El Peñol, Betulia, palmitas, Santa Féde Antioquia and the country side of Medellín municipality.


Altitude: 1200 - 1900 masl

Soil: Volcanic Ashes

Processing: Washed

Drying: Raised parabolic beds

Brewing Suggestions

How We Brew It:

Kalita Wave

21g coffee, 335g water, @ 206°F

Colombia Antioquia