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Clayton's Dark Roast



Flavor Notes

Bittersweet Chocolate l Praline l Smoke


Clayton's Dark roast it the darkest roast we have. It is intended to be mixed with fats - think whole milk, half and half, or even a fattier alternative milk (cashew, hazelnut, or full-fat oat). This coffee is low in acidity and heavier in body and we think it works best as a french pressed coffee because you are really able to brew maximum flavor and achieve a heavy body this way. It also holds up well in filter but has a bit lighter of a body when brewed that way.

This roast pays tribute to our past - since 1989 we've had many a customer say they love a dark roast that doesn't tasted overly burnt. Our solution was to roast this coffee to a point where you taste lots of chocolate, lots of nutty flavors, and a hint of char.

How To Brew

  • Drip brewer
    • Follow your coffee to water ratios suggested by your drip brewer
  • French Press

Clayton's Dark Roast