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88th Night


Flavor Notes

Floral l Melon l Umami


Tea Type - Green            
Caffeine - Medium
Origin - Japan
Description – Highest Quality Sencha - Picked on the 88th Night after the Japanese New Year

How To Brew

Western Style Brewing

1g loose leaf tea per 2 oz water

Temp: 185 degrees (F)

Time: 2-3 minutes


Traditional Brewing

Measure: 1.5 – 2g tea per 2oz water

Infusion #1

Temp: 175 degrees (F)

90 sec

Infusion #2 (immediately following infusion #1)

Temp: 190 degrees (F)

Time: 30 seconds


We recommend using a traditional Japanese teapot (kyusu) as well, as these teapots are designed specifically for brewing higher-grade Japanese green tea.

88th Night