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Organic Mexico Chiapas

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Light Roast

Flavor Notes

Cinnamon l   Dark Chocolate l   Caramel

Grower's Story

This coffee is produced by Movimiento Campesino de Belisario (MOCABE), a group of 500 small farmholders.

MOCABE was founded on August 7th, 2000. The organization was created to gain access to credit loans for production improvement, trade, fairer wages, newer opportunities for small farmers, improvement of farmer health, environmental sustainability, and for worker skill development. Since the creation of the alliance, MOCABE has become certified for organic coffee production.

This Organic Mexico Chiapas is a beautifully delicious, low acidity, medium body coffee, with dark chocolate flavor notes and scent of vanilla. We love it in a French press and as a cold brew.


Country: Mexico

Region: Motozintla, Siltepec, Chiapas

Altitude: 1,000 Meters

Producer: Movimiento Campesino de Belisario (MOCABE)

Process: Wet processed, washed

Varietal: Bourbon,  

Drying: Drying patios

Grade: SHG