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10th Street Organic Espresso

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Flavor Notes

Butterscotch | Cocoa | Sugar

Blend Story

The latest addition to our espresso lineup is organic! This medium-dark espresso blend is our organic Mexican Chiapas coffee roasted two different ways. The medium roast adds some sweetness and body, the darker roast creates depth and a toasty finish.

When we developed our 10th Street Organic Espresso we wanted to highlight things that we love about espresso - balance, a light sweetness, viscosity, and richness of flavor. The beautiful harmony between all those elements - with notes of butterscotch and cocoa – come together in our 10th Street Organic Espresso. We love it as an espresso shot with its caramel crema swirl, or even paired with delicately frothed milk.

So, brew your beverage of choice and enjoy!


Country: Mexico

Region: Motozintla, Siltepec, Chiapas

Altitude: 1,000 Meters

Producer: Movimiento Campesino de Belisario (MOCABE)

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon

Drying: Drying patios