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Organic Uganda Mbale Natural



Flavor Notes

Sweetest of Grapes, Raspberry Jam, Crystallized Sugar


Aroma: Pure Grape-o-rama, unlike we’ve experienced before - plus strawberry fields. One day later: Blueberry Pie!

Body: Juicy in the front, satisfying all throughout


In the rearview mirror of last year, we had a chance to spend some time, thoughts, and tastes on Limited Releases that delighted the roastery. To begin this year, the spotlight shines on a very special coffee from Uganda, grown high up on an extinct volcanic mountain.

The smell of these raw beans was outstandingly sweet - like rainbow skittles and young wine. Another esteemed roaster noted that this coffee was “a peach to roast” and we agree. With such a highly grown dense bean, we calibrated our roasting road map to arrive at the right place at the right time and couldn’t be happier where we found ourselves at the roast’s finish. This Ugandan coffee is a wonderful coffee bursting with a sweetness reminiscent of a green apple jolly rancher, blackberry jam, and raspberry juice. To say it is divine is the understatement of the far.

Delicious, delicate and thought-provoking. A coffee to serve in the afternoon or at an intense book club.



Origin: Uganda

Region: Mt. Elgon

Farm: 850 Smallholders / Mountain Harvest

Bean Type: SL14 Typica, Nyasaland

Processing Method: Fresh picked cherries were transported in sealed drums to an experimental processing site depulped, and fermented for 24 hours, then dried on larger raised beds.

Brew Tips

Medium Grind - Kalita Wave 35 g coffee, to 310 g water at 202 degrees. 3:20 minute pour.

This also holds up well as an espresso.

Organic Uganda Mbale Natural