Clayton Coffee & Tea bag of Sumatra Mandheling coffee

Sumatra Mandheling

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Flavor Notes

Sweet | Caramel | Clean

Grower's Story

Our Sumatra is produced by the Permata Gayo Cooperative, an organization that is known for their quality and longevity. This Co-Op has focused on paying Fair Trade Premiums in order to invest in its community, such as funding for a Gayonese Heritage cultural school where children learn song and dance.

We have been purchasing this coffee for several years now and we are impressed with how consistently clean and delicious this coffee tastes.


Country: Indonesia

Region: Baner Meriah District Aceh

Producer: Permata Gayo Cooperative

Altitude: 1,000 - 1,600 Meters

Producer: Permata Gayo Co-Op

Process: Semi-washed

Soil: Andisol (volcanic ash as parent materials)

Varietal: Catimor, Bourbon

Drying: Sun

Harvest: September - July