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Mexico Nayarit Natural Canela


Flavor Notes

Cinnamon | Apple | Chocolate


Mexico Nayarit Natural Canela is a coffee that was produced by a community of 33 farmers, 8 of which are women. The group is known as BASILIO and collectively they have grown a coffee that expresses some of our favorite flavor notes. An approachable, yet complex cup, this coffee is perfect for these cold winter months.

Thsi is coffee that is produced in El Cuarenteño - a rural community located in the foothills of Sierra de San Juan, just west of Tepic.In 1939 the Mexican government passed an agrarian reform resolution allowing the formation of Ejidos*. The following year the community of El Cuarenteño was granted an endowment of 3,500 hectares to form their own Ejido.

Currently El Cuarenteño has about 840 hectares of coffee in production at altitudes between 900 and 1400 meters (2900 to 4600 ft). The landscape provides a beautiful panorama and breathtaking views of the famous “Three Marias Islands” on the Pacific Ocean.

Mexico Nayarit Natural Canela