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Matcha Bamboo Whisk

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This bamboo chasen is perfect for whipping up your everyday bowl of matcha and for practicing the art of whisking matcha. It features 100 tines, making it ideal for whisking matcha thoroughly to create a nice rich foam.

Place the chasen in a bowl of hot water before each use. This helps to soften the bamboo tines, making the chasen flexible and springy for effective whisking action. Rinse the chasen thoroughly in warm water after each use to rinse off any remaining matcha foam. The life of a chasen can be extended by storing it in a relatively humid environment. A dry environment might cause the chasen to split along the handle, which is expected over time from a standard quality chasen. In our experience, our Everyday Bamboo Matcha Whisk will have effective whisking action for over 200 bowls of matcha.