Ethiopia Guji Natural

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Flavor Notes

Blueberry | Floral | Bright

Grower's Story 

Guji has long been known as a sub sector of Sidamo. Lying due south of Addis, Guji is separate to Yirgacheffe and Sidama although still within the Oromia district. The coffee is distinct and enough demand has resulted in increased production of these exquisite coffee. No longer are there subdivisions of the more common Yirgacheffe and Sidamo!

The Oromo people call Guji home, and they have a long tradition of producing coffee. Several smallholder producers joined forces to create this lot. With coffee produced on different farms and blended together, the cup result is complete and well-rounded because of the subtle differences of each of the coffees as they combine in the cup.


Farm: Guji Small Holders

Location: Guji, Oromia District

Harvest: October - December

Altitude: 1,900+ Meters

Varietal: Typica Heirloom

Soil Type: Clay

Processing: Natural

Drying: Raised African Beds