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Colombia Cattleya



Flavor Notes


Body: Juicy

Aroma: Sweet

Grower's Story

The cattleya orchid is the national flower of Colombia and the name represents the complex floral characteristics in this coffee.

Cattleya is a regional blend made with coffees from the Tequendama province of Cundinamarca department and the Lengupá province of Boyacá department, both located on the Eastern Andes mountain range, forming the Cundiboyacense plateau. Prior to the Spanish conquest, the indigenous Muisca tribe lived in the region and now contains many preceramic and ceramic archaeological sites.

This Cundiboyacense region is mountainous with altitudes raging between 1100 to 4000 masl, it has many rivers and lakes and contains a unique Andean unique ecosystem: páramos (moorlands). 60% of all páramos in the world are situated in Colombia. Thanks to this, complex microclimates are created resulting in high quality agricultural products, especially coffee.

This coffee is grown between 1,200 and 2,000 meters above sea level, with coffee varieties of Colombia, Castillo, and Caturra. The average farmer in Colombia has less than one hectare of land, so this coffee is made up of 100’s of farmers in the region who pool their coffee and process it in area coffee mills. The coffee is depulped, washed and soaked overnight, and dried either in full sun on patios or in mechanical dryers, depending on availability and climate.

We have found this coffee to be very complex, with bright tropical fruit, stone fruit, floral, and chocolate notes. It has a juicy body and a lingering sweet finish.

How To Brew

The beauty of this coffee is in the tropical fruit notes. To achieve enough clarity in the cup and taste those flavors, we suggest brewing using the ratios below through a Kalita Wave dripper.


22g Colombia Cattleya, ground medium + 340g Filtered Water

Temp @206°F

Brew Time: 2:30 seconds

We like this coffee to water ratio for a sweeter, clearer cup.

Colombia Cattleya