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Coffee Starter Kit



Behold the ultimate starter kit - A Kalita Wave 185 dripper, the sleek 600 ml Kinto coffee carafe, and 185 filters all bundled together to make brewing better, easier, and cheaper. 

We are fans of the Kalita Wave at Clayton Coffee. The flat bottom design enables an even extraction which is harder to achieve with conical style brewers. The Kalita Wave requires specific filters that come in a pack of 100 so we have added those to the kit along with the Kinto coffee carafe. This kit is all about function, style, and savings!

Brew coffee better with the Clayton Coffee & Tea endorsed kit. 


  • Kalita Wave 185 Dripper 
  • 100 Kalita Wave Filters
  • 600 ml Kinto Carafe 

Coffee Starter Kit