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Indonesia Lintong Reserve

Hand drawings of baker's chocolate, molasses, and dried figs.


Flavor Notes

Baker's Chocolate | Molasses | Dried Fig

Body: Heavy, Syrupy, Clean

Aroma: Sweet, Vanilla


Our Indonesia Lintong Reserve is grown from the Northern part of the island of Sumatra. What makes this offering so special is that it is grown by a community of 30,000 coffee gardeners, rather than farmers. This is not coffee that grows on a farm, it’s an entire network of people who have 5-10 coffee trees in their backyard. The coffee is harvested when it's ripe, loaded in a bag, and driven by moped down to the town where it is sold. The reason this coffee is so good is because of the incredible picking, sorting, and quality control steps that have been developed over the last 30 years.

Lintong, the more specific region of Sumatra where the coffee is picked, lies Southwest of Lake Toba, on a plateau rich in biodiversity. The majority of farms in this region are small in size, with coffee lots being made up of local producers from the whole area.

Everything with this coffee done by hand, from picking to pulping to the Lintong signature triple picking process. The coffee is wet hulled, which gives them a rich blue-green hue and lends distinct notes and a heavy body to the final profile.


Farm: Multiple gardens

Region: Lintong

Altitude: 1300-1600 masl

Variety: Sigararutang, Jember Lini, S795, Andungsari

Brewing Suggestions

We like to highlight the qualities that shine in this coffee, and one of those qualities is how heavy and syrupy the body is. This quality originates from the wet-hulled processing method. One way to achieve maximum body is through a French Press.

However, this holds up well as a filter coffee.


21g coffee + 335g water @ 205° F

French Press

1:12 coffee-to-water ratio

Indonesia Lintong Reserve