Kenya Baragwi Kariru AA

Kenya Baragwi Kariru AA

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Flavor Notes

Strawberry | Lime | Tropical

Grower's Story

When we first tried the Kenya Baragwi Kariru AA we were immediately transported to peak summertime season - sunsets, long days, and ripe berries. With flavor notes of strawberry and lime, our Kenya Baragwi Kariru AA is smooth in body with a fruit-like juicy acidity and it reminds us of one the world’s berry epicenters – the Central Valley!

Around 1,500 smallholder farmers contributed coffee to this microlot. After harvested it was washed in fresh river water and dried on raised beds making it more sustainably produced.

We roast it lightly to bring out all the bright and vibrant flavors for which Kenyan coffees are known. Brew as a pour over, in a Chemex or Aeropress, and celebrate summer the right way with this smooth and tropical tasting coffee.


Region: Kirinyaga

Altitude: 1,700 masl - 1,800 masl

Varietal: SL28, Ruiru 11, SL34

Processing: Washed, Sun-Dried on Raised Beds

Body: Smooth

Acidity: Juicy

Grade: AA