Guatemala SHB Jalapa, Mataquescuintla

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Flavor Notes

Orange Peel | Grapefruit | Floral

Grower's Story

This experimental coffee comes from grower Jose Humberto Gonzalez Sr.'s farm in Jalapa-Mataquescuintla Guatemala. Having dedicated his life to growing coffee, Jose runs an impressive farm, one with consistently high quality producing coffee plants.

Over time, Jose has become restless with traditional coffee production. So, he has created this thing of beauty - the SHB Jalapa -Mataquescuintla Orange Peel Process No.151 (we call it Guatemalan Orange for short).

This Guatemalan Orange coffee is of the Yellow Catuai variety and is mixed with bacteria taken from fermented oranges. After some careful water temperature manipulation and prolonging the fermentation times of the traditional washing process, the coffee is dried in African beds for more than two weeks. A couple more secret production steps here and there and bam, the Guatemalan Orange is born!

Trust us, it is pretty mind-blowing.


Farm: Jose Humberto Gonzalez

Location: Guatemala, Jalapa - Mataquescuintla

Harvest: December - March

Altitude: 1,700 Meters - 1,850 Meters

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Soil Type: Volcanic / Clay

Processing: Orange Peel Experimental Process

Drying: African Beds

Grade: SHB+