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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kipie Dubitu



Flavor Notes

Floral | Lemon | Black Tea

Body: Medium, with an elegant and complex finish


Ethiopia is the origin of all coffee, and as such grows wild in the coffee growing regions there. Unlike in other coffee growing countries, which have one, or very few, coffee varieties on a farm, in Ethiopia it is far more varied. For this reason, most coffee labels list “heirloom” for their variety.

Kipie Gemeda is a washing station in the Dubitu village, of Kochere in Yirgacheffe. Owned by Ms. Workinesh Genalie Siso, the mill has been open since 2006 and has been working alongside Almaz Seyoum Beyene (our exporter in Ethiopia) since they started exporting Yirgacheffe coffee in 2010.

The washing station buys coffee cherries from hundreds of surrounding smallholder farmers in Yirgacheffe, all at altitudes between 1,950 and 2,050 meters above sea level.

Almaz started working in Yirgacheffe in 2010 to help find great coffees through the newly established Ethiopian Coffee Exchange. After the second window option opened the market for quality specialty, they continued working in the region to highlight those better coffees. They are a resource to support the smallholder farmers in the area with technical expertise, seedlings, quality and production improvement training, and marketing to bring higher prices.


Region: Dubitu, Kochere

Altitude: 1950-2050 masl

Variety: Heirloom

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kipie Dubitu