Clayton Coffee and Tea

We roast only the finest coffees — in small batches — in order to carefully develop and capture the essence of each coffee type. In order to produce the perfect final brew we roast our coffees based on
time, temperature, airflow, and response of each varietal to the conditions under which we apply the
heat. We then skillfully blend them for balance, aroma and flavor.

We offer over one hundred types of coffees including varietals and estate coffees, blends and dark roasts, and flavored coffees (available in both regular and decaffeinated). These coffees are hand packed in
five-pound bulk bags and are available either whole bean or ground.

Your complete delight in the experience of our coffees is our aim; if we all fall short — we want to know. Every pound of coffee must leave you 100% satisfied or we will replace the coffee at our expense.

For more information contact us at (209) 576-1120, or by fax at (209) 576-1123.

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