Clayton Coffee and Tea South American Coffees Colombia Supremo Bucaramanga  $11.95
Supremo denotes Colombia's highest grade of Arabica beans available and Bucaramanga, in the region
of Santander, is the origin of this coffee. Brews a nutty, mildly sweet, and medium-bodied cup.

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Costa Rica S.H.B. Tarrazu  $11.95
This strictly hard bean coffee is grown at the highest altitudes in Costa Rica's Tarrazu region.
Costa Rica SHB brews a cup with deep, rich flavor, citrusy notes, and a smoky finish.

Guatemala Huehuetenango $11.95
Huehuetenango is located in the Western region of Guatemala – home of this coffee. Grown on steep
mountainsides in volcanic soil, Huehue brews a heavy cup, rich and chocolaty, with citrus overtones.

Guatemala Antigua  $11.95
The farms in Antigua grow some of the finest coffees in the world. This Guatemalan coffee is grown at
the highest elevations and produces a balanced cup, clean with lemony notes and the sweetness of pear.

Guatemala Santa Isabel Sun Dried  $13.95
Four generations of coffee growers hand pick and patio dry this fine - high grown coffee. Great acidity
and well balanced, Santa Isabel is clean and sweet.

South America Central America Africa Indonesia North America

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  $12.95
Ethiopia is the home of coffee, and the Yirgacheffe region produces brilliant and earthy java.
This cups out with bittersweet chocolate and lemony citrus notes, with a bright finish.

Kenya AA  $11.95
"AA" denotes the high grade of this Kenyan coffee. Kenya AA is an amazingly flavorful brew, with
a hint of spiciness, "winey" brightness, and complex aroma.

Sumatra Mandheling  $11.95
Sumatra Mandheling is among the world's finest coffees and has been triple picked – sorted by
hand three times – for the brightest flavor. Sumatra displays a heavy, almost syrupy richness,
smooth and earthy, with extraordinarily full body and very little acidity.

Tanzania Peaberry  $14.95
Tanzania coffee is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and brews a rich and mellow cup with
delicate acidity. Peaberry coffees are unusual in that they grow as one small, rounded bean inside
the coffee cherry instead of the traditional two beans.

Zimbabwe La Lucie Estate  $15.95
Very limited in supply, this estate coffee is the finest grade coffee produced by the renowned
La Lucie Estate in Zimbabwe. This cup is perfectly balanced and complex with a slightly floral
fragrance, malty nose and remarkably rich, smooth finish.

South America Central America Africa Indonesia North America

Java Estate  $11.95
From the Indonesian island of Java, this coffee is from the PTP Estate Jampit. This washed
coffee produces a rich, syrupy brew, heavy-bodied and complex.

New Guinea Koban A  $11.95
From the Koban plantation in Papua New Guinea, this crisp and lively acidic coffee brews
a cup with a subtly smoky taste, and delicate aroma.

South America Central America Africa Indonesia North America

Kona Extra Fancy  $31.95
Grown on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa, this broad and beautiful coffee brews a smooth and
nutty cup, with a delicate and sweet aroma.


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