Clayton Coffee and Tea

El Salvador Monterrey Estate  Rainforest Alliance  $13.95
Grown in red volcanic soil, this coffee is 100% Organic Bourbon Estate
and shade grown. Monterrey Estate's cup produces a sweet chocolate
fragrance, nice smooth body and acidity, with a fine finish.

El Salvador Monterrey Estate Peaberry  Rainforest Alliance  $13.95
These Peaberries are sorted from the Monterrey Estate coffee, combined
and dried to produce this complex brew. Carmelly, sweet chocolate covered
roasted almonds with vanilla at the crust, a creamy and full chocolaty body,
with light sweetness and low acidic tones.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe  $14.95
The birthplace of coffee, this strictly hard bean coffee grows at the
highest altitudes, brewing a cup with bright acidity, lemony-tart flavor,
fruity and medium body, floral and spicy notes.

Guatemala Santa Isabel  Rainforest Alliance  $13.95
Grown high in Guatemala on a nature reserve, this coffee is hand-picked
and patio dried. Santa Isabel brews a chocolaty sweet cup with citrus
overtones, and floral aromatic finish.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain  Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade  $14.95
Grown high on Indonesia's Gayo Mountain, this coffee has been certified organic for 20 years. Strictly
hard bean, this coffee is reminiscent of cacao, with caramelly overtones, a sweet aroma, and low acidity.

Sumatra Gayo Mountain Dark  Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade  $15.95
Gayo Mountain coffee, when roasted to a dark finish, yields a heavy bodied and smoky cup
- both rich and complex, with a big, bold flavor.

Peru La Florida  SMBC  $13.95
On the slopes of the Andes Mountains in Central Peru, this coffee is grown at altitudes of 4800-6000 feet.
La Florida brews a spicy, full-bodied cup with a creamy light and clean finish.

Peru La Florida Dark  SMBC  $14.95
Roasted to a deep, dark degree, the La Florida smooths and develops a rich - yet still spicy - brew.

Organic Blends

Espresso  $14.95
This blend brews a perfect shot, creamy, weighty, and rich with a smooth fragrant finish.

French Roast  $14.95
Heartily roasty, this is the darkest of our organics. Bittersweet chocolate finish, with a smoky
fragrance and spicy taste.

Italian  $14.95
Robust and smooth, this coffee is chocolaty and smoky, with a sweet and pleasant finish.

Organic Decaf

Fair Trade DECAF Swiss Water Peru La Florida  $15.95
Full-Bodied, spicy and sweet, La Florida coffee is gently decaffeinated using 100% organic processing and pure water.