Clayton Coffee and Tea Iced Teas
price per pound

Clayton's Black Tea $14.95
Our favorite combination of English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Perfect hot or iced.

Blue Mountain Organic  $14.95
Organic black tea from Southern India.

Green Quince  $14.95
China Sencha Green tea with mallow flower and cornflower, and oil of quince.

Mango Tango  $14.95
Oil of mango combined with China Black tea and marigold leaves.

Moon Over Cancun  $14.95
Chinese congou tea base scented with oil of passionfruit and peach, and combined
with red sandalwood, elderberries, orange flowers and plantar's wonder.

Passion Fruit  $14.95
Marigold petals and oil of Passion Fruit combine with a traditional Black China tea.

Pomegranate Green  $14.95
China Sencha Green tea with rose petals and pomegranate.

Shangri-la  $14.95
China Black tea base scented with essence of kiwi and strawberry, laced with cornflower petals.

White Tea Honey  $14.95
Classic white tea with rose petals and honey.