Clayton Coffee and Tea Green Teas
price per pound

Mandarin Orange  $14.50
This broad, pan-fired leaf with brilliant notes of blood orange produces a clear, bright liquor
that is delicately grassy.

Gen Mai Cha $24.50
Fire-toasted and popped rice lend a warm, nutty character to Sencha, the flavored tea of Japan.

Gunpowder Temple Heaven  $14.50
Round, tightly rolled green tea leaves brew a crisp green flavor.

Jasmine  $19.50
The cup has a smooth fragrance of a garden in bloom, with a liquor that is lightly
sweet and very smooth.

Japanese Sencha Kyoto  $29.00
The most popular of Japanese teas, Sencha has a shiny or semi-polished appearance. This very
classic Japanese Sencha has the shiny natural leaf with a bright green flavor.

Sencha Green Decaffeinated   $24.50
These Sencha leaves produce a refreshing cup with a subtly sweet aroma. Decaffeinated
gently using a carbon dioxide, high-pressure process.

Moroccan Mint  $14.50
Lush mint leaves from the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco.