Clayton Coffee and Tea

Colombia Supremo Bucaramanga  $12.95
Bucaramanga, when roasted past a medium or full city roast, becomes rich, smoky and intensely smooth.

Costa Rica Dark  $12.95
This strictly hard bean coffee is grown at the highest altitudes in Costa Rica. This dark roasted version
of the Costa Rica SHB is intensely flavorful and smooth, with a rich smoky aroma and full body.

Espresso  $12.95
Clayton's four bean combination is blended for a creamy and rich espresso, with thick, voluminous crema,
and a sweet, smooth finish.

French  $12.95
Heavy roast flavor dominates this three bean blend, producing a ful-bodied and well balanced cup.
This coffee is perfect to create a custom blend with other full city roasted varietals.

French with Chicory  $12.95
Our dark French blend is combined with roasted chicory root for a spicy and smooth - and intensely rich cup.

Italian  $12.95
Rich and robust, this blend is the darkest of our dark roasts. Smooth and intense.

Jungle Blend  $12.95
Spicy, nutty and bright is this combo of African and Central American coffees.

Espresso  $13.95
Clayton's creamy and rich espresso produces textural crema, full body and a heady aroma.

French  $13.95
Clayton's darkest roast, this blend finishes bittersweet, with pungent aroma and a deep complex flavor.

Italian  $13.95
Central and South American coffees combine with Sumatra to produce a rich, dark roasted brew.

Jungle Blend  $13.95
Spicy and nutty, this blend is well rounded and subtly fruity.