Clayton Coffee and Tea

Clayton's Blend  $11.95
Vibrant, rich and floral, our house blend is a well-balanced combination of South and Central American coffees.

Holiday Blend  $11.95
Sparkling acidity, Colombian Supremo and Costa Rica coffees blend for a lively and well-balanced brew.

Kilimanjaro Blend  $14.50
African coffees blended for complexity produce a cup that is smooth, earthy, with intense depth of flavor.

Kona Blend  $15.95
This coffee is a combination of premiere grade Kona Extra Fancy coffee and Colombian Supremo
Bucaramanga. The full city roast results in a smooth, nutty flavor.

Rise and Shine  $11.95
Dark and full city roasted Central and South American coffees pair for a deep and complex cup,
with a lemony finish.

South of the Border Blend  $12.95
This combo brews a lively cup, with a gently floral aroma, bright acidity and citrus notes.

Clayton Coffee and Tea Organic Blends

Clayton's Blend  $12.95
Rich and flavorful, this blend of South and Central American coffees are roasted to a full city degree.

Holiday Blend  $12.95
Colombia and Costa Rica coffees brew a cup with slight hints of pear and citrus.

Rise and Shine  $12.95
Latin American coffees balanced with a bit of dark roasted coffee brew a chocolaty and lemony cup.