Clayton Coffee and Tea Black Teas

Ceylon Black Estate Blend From Sri Lanka (Ceylon)  $14.50
This fine estate tea is smooth with a hint of sweetness, and a brilliant orange liquor.

Darjeeling  $13.95
A delicate tea organically grown high in the foothills of the Himalayas. These silver-tipped flush leaves
are among the finest Darjeeling boasts.

English Breakfast  $13.95
Due to its superb bouquet, this north China black tea is often referred to as the "Burgandy of Teas".
This sweet liquoring tea produces a dark red cup and is considered one of the best Chinese Black teas.

Black Scented Tea

Earl Grey  $14.95  also availalbe, Earl Grey Decaffeinated  $34.95
A classic Copenhagen blend of Chinese Black tea sprayed with oil of bergamot (a citrus plant from Sicily.)
Wonderful hot and with milk.

Vanilla  $14.95
Long rolled leaf black tea, cut vanilla pieces, and scented with essence of bourbon vanilla.

Clayton's Chai  $14.95
Chinese Black tea with cinnamon sticks, clove, and cardamom pods.

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